Sharing Is Caring

I love to write and share ideas and insights that I’ve gathered over the course of my career.

Here’s a smattering for you to enjoy!


“Breakthrough Healing”  my latest book, is now available on Amazon!

Breakthrough Healing, provides insights and wisdom into the power of alternative medicine. Through a series of interviews with six healers of different modalities from around the world, you’ll uncover their story, their journey, and a look at the healing arts that they practice.

Experts in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Human Ops—have come together to shine light on their various techniques, proving that alternative medicine can have effects just as and sometime even more powerful than western practices. The goal is to shine light on the various healing methods utilized by these extraordinary healers, with the intent to help demystify their work and share it with others.

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All proceeds from the book are going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


A Guide To Getting It: A Clear Compelling Vision

A Clear Compelling Vision is a series of inspirational insights as told by ten different coaching experts about how they help others find their vision and purpose for their work.


I have a few important eBooks to share with you that will help you on your path to a better future for you, your organization and your team.

“Saying No With Grace & Grit” + MP3 guided relaxation hypnotherapy recording

Learn how to set better boundaries for yourself and your life so you can create more peace, calm and joy. Enhance your insights as you listen to the guided relaxation hypnotherapy recording that accompanies the ebook.



“Tapping Into Your Power & Presence: 5 Keys To Unlocking Your Leadership” + MP3 guided relaxation hypnotherapy recording

Learn how to stand more confidently in your own power so you can be an effective leader with greater balance, joy and success. I’ve create a guided relaxation hypnotherapy recording to accompany this ebook to deepen the learning.



Talent Dynamics E-Guide

This overview of the Talent Dynamics system and how it can benefit both you, your team and your entire organization.




Bite Size Tips For The New Entrepreneur: Wisdom From Those Who’ve Made It

This compilation of wisdom from a variety of entrepreneurs who have hand crafted their success and help many others along the way. You’ll find a myriad of valuable ideas and insights in this book I co-authored and edited.