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Thanks for tuning into the
“Inspired Leaders Raising A Ruckus” Interview Series.

In this week’s interview, I spoke with

Karen Webber-Ndour, Executive Director of the Office of Student Support and Safety for Baltimore City Public Schools.

What’s the Value of Building Strong Teams?


In our lively interview, Karen shares some of her strategies and insights on how she was able to build a stronger community by enhancing the individual and collective leadership within her schools to create a thriving school climate. She shows us how having an unwavering vision for creating a culture based in compassion, active listening skills and respect for everyone, has enabled her to turn around some difficult urban schools that were failing and create positive school climates that have not only enabled both the students and faculty to thrive!

While some of you may not be running a school, you’ll find that these skills and principles are universal to creating a positive culture from the board room to the classroom.

You’ll learn more about how to bring out the best in your teams and create a culture of “conviviality”:

  • Understand how consistently utilizing the skills of listening, compassion and respect across the board can deliver amazing results.
  • Realize the power of an unwavering conviction and vision for the sake of the student’s well-being, safety and learning can transform an entire school.
  • Learn how to create schools (and communities) where everyone wants to be, by creating an oasis and safe haven for the students.
  • See how listening versus making assumptions, is the key to successful outcomes with issues of discipline.
  • Discover the power of connection to build relationships and strong teams that facilitate real learning and growth.

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