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Thanks for tuning into the
“Inspired Leaders Raising A Ruckus” Interview Series.

In this week’s interview, I spoke with

Mark Allen Grainger and Shannon Law

“Marketing Secrets for the Heart-based, Conscious Entrepreneur”

In this fun and feisty interview, you’ll hear from my colleagues Mark and Shannon as they share some of the unique aspects of their business and personal relationship that helped to create their success, while inspiring expanded leadership in their clients to make a Big Impact!

We had a lively conversation that you won’t want to miss!

In our 40-minute interview, you’ll discover some really useful insights and success strategies that as an entrepreneur, you’ll want to know to more easily and effectively grow your business.

You’ll learn the 3 keys you need to remember as a conscious business owner that will sky rocket your business to new heights of success…

  • What’s the *Real* secret to understanding your target market and how to reach them
  • How you can tap into your essence as a marketing strategy for success
  • What’s needed to create a marketing machine for your business
  • How to own your value and communicate it through all you do

You’ll want to be sure to listen in so you can take advantage of the super special offer they’ve made for their upcoming 3-day live event, just for being a part of my tribe!

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