A few of our client success stories demonstrate how Nectar Consulting can help you and your organization achieve more. Read the full case study with the associated summary by downloading the white paper.

Developing a High Performance Team Boosts the Bottom Line


“Nectar Consulting’s coaching and consulting is helping the entire Merriwether & Williams team work together more cohesively and effectively, while increasing our bottom-line results as well. If you’re an executive who wants to improve your team’s performance, I highly recommend Nectar Consulting to help you create a solid team with lasting results.”

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Bernida Reagan

Director of Client Relations, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services

Business Breakthroughs for Unprecedented Growth


“Working with Michele was a real breakthrough! My business had a leap in its success unlike anything I had ever had in thirty-five years.  I highly recommend Michele’s direct approach if you’d like really effective results.”

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Ann Valliant

Owner, Business Savvy Bookkeeping

Increased Productivity For Increased Revenues


“Working wth Michele has helped me to refocus my priorities and delegate more effectively to my team. This has helped us to work together more seamlessly and lead to increased revenues of 25% in 2008.”

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Thomas Petty

Certified Internet Marketing Consultant, WSI Internet Consulting & Education

Clarity and Focus Brings Greater Success


“Michele has helped me to align my true values with my work more closely, which gave me greater clarity on who my ideal target clients are. This in turn has lead to increased confidence in how I run my business as well as the bottom-line results!”

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Christine Bartlett

Founder, Better Life Teaching & Counseling Center