Joey Price, CEO of JumpStart: HR invited me to make a guest appearance on his podcast Business, Life, and Coffee.

Along with being a podcast host Joey is also an adjunct professor, HR consultant, blogger, and has been awarded the Baltimore Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 Award, and is one of The Society for Human Resource Management’s Top 30 under 30. His blog has been named the top HR blog of 2017 by fit small business. Joey’s podcast is “a space for guests to share their success stories through meaningful advice and funny anecdotes, accompanied by useful life hacks and tricks of the trade. The conversations are educational, insightful and full of inspirational quotes, dedicated to help you determine your career path, build your brand and improve your business.”

Our topics included:

    • The 3 things entrepreneurs need to know about the neuroscience behind success.
    • What is Rapid Rewiring and how is it helping executives build confidence and preserve mental health?
    • How should we approach dealing with negative beliefs and self-talk?
    • Michele’s journey from a creative director in web development to becoming an executive confidence coach.


Listen to the episode here:

You can see the original post HERE

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