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What is Rapid Rewiring?

Rapid RewiringTM is a unique fusion of my 18+ years of executive coaching expertise with Rapid Transformational Therapy, pioneered by world renowned, therapist, Marisa Peer.

The Rapid Transformational Therapy TM (RTT) methodology, combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, which quickly gets at the heart of your subconscious issues that are causing you physical or emotional pain, and eliminates them.

Working in harmony with each other, the RTT hypnotherapy and coaching quickly address both your subconscious beliefs and your conscious actions and strategies for success. Enabling you to quickly eliminate disempowering habits while integrating new behaviors into your daily life and long-term strategies for growth.

How Does It Work?

I’ll take you through my unique Rapid RewiringTM approach in 30 days to help you overcome the blocks that are stopping you from achieving your full potential.

  1. Discover:

    We start with a Discovery session to learn more about what challenges you’d like to overcome to create more joy, satisfaction and success in all areas of your personal and professional life.

  2. Rewire:

    Next we have a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (RTT) session to root out the core issues holding you back and rapidly rewire and reprogram your thinking with new, powerful, positive beliefs, habits and happiness.

  3. Transform:

    To integrate these new beliefs, you’ll receive your customized Rapid Rewiring recording, combined with weekly coaching sessions and support to help you assimilate these new ideas and habits, touching all areas of your life.

 My signature Rapid RewiringTM process will help you get to the next level of your life and business, fast.


Is Rapid Rewiring Right For You?

If you’re ready to get the monkey of stress, worry, anxiety and fear off your back and are open to creating positive change in your life, then yes, RTC is for you.

If you’ve made up your mind to eliminate the pain, anguish and hidden blocks that have kept you swirling in frustration for years and are 100% ready to end your suffering and move into greater happiness, confidence and success, then absolutely, RTC is for you.

If this sounds like you, then get ready for breakthrough healing; transformational, blow-your-mind kind of evolution that you’ve been seeking, in weeks, not months or years.

What’s the Monkey on your back?

If you are at a standstill—in your life or business—hope is at hand.

Through my Rapid Rewiring process, I can help you completely transform many areas of your personal and professional life such as confidence, self worth, anxiety, depression, addictions, migraines, weight loss, money blocks, procrastination, insomnia, health issues, follow through… just to name a few.

Our clients have experienced:

  • Massively upgraded self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased sense of peace and well-being
  • Improved motivation and performance at work
  • New business opportunities and greater financial freedom
  • Freedom from fears, depression and anxiety
  • Greater energy, focus and follow through in daily and professional life
  • Relief from painful physical symptoms caused by illness, fear or stress
  • Dramatic weight loss and changes in diet, health and exercise


For many of us—that next level is elusive.

Some of us get sick, some feel trapped, others just can’t muster the gumption. The fact is, you might not KNOW what the problem is or how these fears, anxieties or limiting beliefs came over you.

You just know that you don’t know how to undo them.

That’s when Rapid Rewiring is invaluable.

Are you ready to step into your full potential?

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Hear what our clients have to say about this remarkable work:

“I first came to Michele with terrible writer’s block. While I am a writer, the ability to actually sit down and begin writing had become torturous. Deadlines were giving me lack of sleep. I was in a constant state of creating excuses. I was slipping further and further from my dreams of making writing a strong part of my business presence. My stress made me inflexible. I was losing opportunities to advance my career. A vicious circle had been created.

I read countless books and hired two writing coaches, but nothing seemed to budge. Then, I had an opportunity to attend a webinar hosted by Michele. I was impressed with Michele (though still suspicious) and decided I had nothing to lose. I signed up for a discovery call. Michele was accommodating. She fit me in quickly and reassured me that RRT could help.

It did. Immediately.

I can’t explain it, not only did the floodgates of writing open, but I felt a calm, a confidence and an ease in living that I have never known. My husband said I even look and carry myself differently! I cannot tell you how well I sleep!

This experience was so powerful that I used Michele’s expertise a second time. I have a confidence that has changed my world, my business and my career. I am now saying ‘yes’ to projects I would have otherwise avoided. An entirely new facet of my career has opened up for me since my first meeting with Michele a mere six weeks ago!

Michele is in the business of granting miracles!

I have already recommended Michele to my friends and my family. Imagine describing your most vulnerable, pain point to someone. Imagine if someone could wipe away your greatest insecurities, your greatest fears, your greatest vulnerabilities. That is what it is like working with Michele: you hold in front of her a complicated, overwhelming, inexplicable and painful list of reasons why you can’t. She hands back a clean slate of why you can.

Run, don’t walk, to Michele.”

T-Ann Pierce | Life and Mindset Coach | | Chicago, IL

“Coming into my first session with Michele I was nervous, but also excited.  I had been living with fear and self-doubt for over 30 years!  I am so happy that I did this work!  The shifts are so powerful!  It seems like today I feel like nothing can stop me.  I’m ready to tackle whatever comes my way with confidence.

And the Fear? Self-doubt? What’s that? I honestly cannot feel what that feels like anymore. I’ve tried to let it in just to test it, but it’s absolutely impossible. My confidence is the most high I’ve ever had.

My confidence is REAL. It’s deep rooted confidence. There’s NO façade of confidence going on here. True 100% Confidence. Period. Everyday it gets better and better.

The more I work on our new real estate business, the more confident I become.

Michele is not only an outstanding RTT practitioner, she’s an excellent business coach too!”

Greg Tripoli | Real Estate Entrepreneur | Nampa, Idaho

“In the years that I’ve known and worked with Michele I have experienced her profound knowledge and commitment, which continues to inspire and motivate me. One of the most impressive aspects about Michele, is her own expertise and continued development to provide me and her clients with the best in class coaching and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

She has helped me experience positive shifts while determining specific goals I want to achieve. I have successfully been able to integrate this confidence into my daily life and work through our collaboration. I see more clearly all that is available to me and that I have the power to create the reality I desire.”

Howard Ronder | Brand & Creative Director | | San Francisco, CA

“Thank you again for our amazing session, I’ve been listening to the recording as I go to sleep at night for the last 2 weeks after our session and noticed I was waking up feeling more confident and less stressed about almost everything.

With regards to my confidence, I feel it is a bit more deeply rooted in my brain and less shaken by events throughout the day.  I really don’t sweat the small stuff anymore!  This is a great feeling as I begin to shake the need to be highly strung with overly high expectations of everyone and everything.

Thank you again for helping me re-wire my brain and get over the insecurities and personal feelings of failure and shortcomings. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Renee Ventaloro | Founder & CEO | Pro Help Australia | Toowoomba, Australia

“I’m still processing the “I Am Lovable” stuff. I had so much come up in my body, trying to expel the things that had been lodged into parts of me for such a long time. It’s so fascinating to me, I feel buoyant. Truly joyful and light as air. I let go of a ton of ancestral baggage and childhood trauma. What a blessed relief! I finally feel what it feels like to be Me.

I’m so grateful to have found you and to be experiencing such an amazing benefit from our session together. You really got to the core wounding and created movement where there hadn’t been any for decades. Thank you, truly.”
Leslie K. | Marketing Consultant | Asheville, NC

“I found Michele on LinkedIn and was immediately drawn to her based on the word, “confidence” that she has in her title and all the good work I learned she had accomplished. I didn’t know why at first I was interested in working with her, but after our first phone call I knew exactly why. She helped me look inside to figure out what was holding me back and provided me with life changing tools to help me become more confident, focused and “Zen” as my friends say.

I have a renewed sense of hope and a more positive outlook on myself and my career. I feel much more grounded now and that I can deal with anything that comes my way as well. Her Rapid Transformational Therapy + Coaching is amazing. I find it encouraging, forward thinking, thought provoking and supportive. What I appreciate most about working with her is she truly cares about helping each person become their best self.

If you are interested in really taking your career to the next level, and would like to eliminate behaviors that are detrimental to your success or need executive training for your organization, Michele can help you achieve your goals.”

Kathleen Fariss | Co-Founder | Ride The Tide Collective | Fontana, CA

“I’m just stunned at how skilled Michele is at hypnotherapy. Other so-called professionals have tried to hypnotize me but to no avail. So I was skeptical about whether Michele would be able to succeed when others couldn’t. But in the very first session, she quickly put me in a deep and relaxing hypnotic sleep. I awoke and instantly began to feel transformed. Thanks to that one, incredible session, I have been easily able to conquer all the mindset issues that I told Michele were holding me back.

Michele, you are both an amazing person and a powerfully brilliant coach and RTT practitioner!”

Linton Johnson | Chief Strategist | Office of External Affairs | San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District | Oakland, CA

“Thank you Michele for our session.

I have been surprised at how together I feel, the facts are still there but the tug of sadness I have been struggling with is less.  I must admit to not really believing this would work but went into our session knowing the weight of this sadness is holding me back and being open to let the healing in.  I feel more in control of my feelings instead of them being in control of me, so can absolutely see and feel the benefit.

Now I think of it, I have gone a couple of days at a time since our chat without a cigarette too as my anxiety has decreased as well!”

Melissa Denny | Director, Llewellyn Insurance Services | Brisbane, Australia

“Rapid Transformational Therapy with Michele is an experience that creates long lasting results in whatever areas you want to see change. Since we had our session, I’ve felt more creative and my business has improved. It even helped me to get back onto a regular exercise program and stick with it. That was something I kept trying and failing to create a regular habit around and with Michele’s help it finally happened!

It was a great decision to work with her and I highly recommend you do too.”

Nancy Marmolejo | Branding Consultant | Castro Valley, CA

“Before working with Michele, I would sum up my challenge as being scared, hesitant, worried about my life, my work, my finances, having a scrambling feeling and never feeling settled inside that I know who I am and my place in the world. A fear of rejection ruled me and limited me from fully committing to my work. I kept changing the channel. Dabbling, toe dipping and as a result not building competency and confidence.

I think the RTT plus coaching combo is really powerful. Our work together helped me clear out the resistance and created the space to reflect on what I want to do. Michele helped me see my strengths and reframed how I think about my business.

Michele’s work delivers a rapid transformation that trickles into everything going on in your life. If you have limiting beliefs in your way and want them shifted quickly it’s a worthwhile investment. Imagine what you can become and create in your life without the inner baggage and resistance slowing you down. On top of that add the ongoing support of an experienced coach to help you set and stick to a direction that feels right in your soul.

Thank you for helping me increase my confidence and shift how I think about myself, and my business!”

Brent S. | Business Owner | Ontario, Canada

Profound Shift in Psyche

“I am a mental health practitioner, I am a certified coach, I have a PhD in Psychology – who cares right? I am the first one to admit that having degrees doesn’t dictate one knows everything. Hopefully it means, one is always learning. In the end, that is what life is really all about.

My experience with Michele’s work as a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner & Coach has been such an unexpected reward. I say unexpected because I do work on my own psyche a lot – I learn, I search for my truth in the overall picture of life’s meaning. I am not a person who is easily influenced by hypnosis or suggestions. My mind almost tries to outsmart the very thing that is trying to help it.

However, with Michele’s ability to ‘meet me where I am at’; I felt heard and seen beyond what I hear and see in myself. Initially, I had resistance and was honest with her about it. Because of her ability to take in truth and understand people, she helped me commit to the bigger picture and with that I took it step-by-step as she prescribed.

As a result, I am seriously changing from the inside-out in terms of how I approach life’s events and the messages I say to myself in the midst of life. You see, I typically feel I need to be more and do more because I want to be the best I can be, this honestly can be exhausting and makes me feel “never good enough”.

Through Michele’s RTT + Coaching modality – I have found great comfort in knowing whole-heartedly that I Am Enough. This creates a peace within which has flipped a switch in me that has moved me to being a woman of excellence rather than a woman continually striving for perfection.

Michele is thoughtful, embraces integrity and exudes tremendous strength in working with others to help them create the best in themselves. She is a stellar Coach and RTT Practitioner!”

Dr. Deanna Vansickel | Director of Global Leadership & People, Home Instead | Omaha, NE

“I can definitely feel a shift in my confidence and perspective on things. I’ve notice that my stress and anxiety levels have absolutely gone down as well.

I’ve even noticed myself giving my opinion to people I would usually hesitate in doing that with. Even today our lead detective said to me, “That’s a good idea. I’m going to do that.” I was sort of shocked and then I told myself, “Why are you shocked? You’re brilliant and you have great ideas!”

This whole process has been completely AMAZING!!

Thank you so much!”

Angela M. | Law Enforcement Officer | California

“Before I did this Rapid Rewiring work with Michele, I was feeling that something was holding me back that I couldn’t quite get at. There were underlying fears that kept me back in the shadows, hiding out from achieving my full potential.

Now, I’m feeling more open, like an armor has fallen off. I feel like I was contained in a box and that box has fallen away. I’m definitely lighter and more positive, feeling more authentic and connected with others. I am noticeably more calm and centered too.

I’ve had RTT with other practitioners, and the session I had with Michele is noticeably distinctive from the others in a very positive way. Her RTT + coaching style is really powerful. I’m excited about what else is to come from our Rapid Rewiring work together!”

Caroline K. | Healthcare Industry Executive | California

“My Rapid Rewiring experience with Michele was really wonderful. I came away with a feeling of calm and lightness. I’ve noticed I am standing up for myself more fully and my fears are no longer running me. I am listening to the replay nightly and look forward to experiencing additional results!”

Jane Tabachnick | CEO | | New York, NY

“The changes I’ve noticed since our RTT session have been subtle yet powerful. I have been able to continue to move on from toxicity….I am no longer interested in drama in any of my relationships – especially with men.

There is still sadness – but I am more aware of my thoughts and am doing a better job of wrapping my mind around positivity when this happens.  I have made good strides in my codependency issues as well!

Thanks again for our session!  God Bless you for your work in changing the world!!!!!!”

Debra H. | Executive | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“I seldom painted after my husband of 29 years died in 2004 and really wanted to find my creative spirit again. A dear friend and major collector of my artwork since 2001 said that she had had success in overcoming her health obstacles by working with Michele so I had a session with her in November 2017.

27 days after our session, I have completed two paintings that I previously had begun. My session with Michele opened up my blocked creativity and gave me the positive enforcement/encouragement that I could paint well again and that I would be successful in doing so as I had been in the past.

With daily listening to my customized 30-minute Rapid Rewiring recording created during our session, I start each day wanting to “paint first” and then do other things afterwards. I feel energized and at peace with myself. I feel I can now proudly call myself “an artist” again. I also give myself permission to paint for fun and enjoyment and not strive for perfectionism.

Thank you Michele for helping me reclaim my gifts as an artist!”

Diana Pace | Fine Artist | | Tulsa, OK

“I did my first ever Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session with Michele about a week before a major surgical procedure. I was nervous about possible complications, pain, and the disruption of the whole recovery process on my life and my ability to manage my business.

Our session helped me realize that by making myself and my healing a priority, I could overcome and manage all of my worries…the side benefit is that this realization has ensured that my wellness and health will continue to be a priority as I manage my time…this is a huge shift for me and one that was sorely overdue! As a result, I am healing in weeks not months!

Thanks to Michele for her masterful guidance…”

Jen Berkeley Jackson | Owner, The Insight Advantage | San Jose, CA

“I was blessed to have a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session with Michele. Immediately I was comfortable and impressed with Michele’s intuition and insight into my blocks. I came to Michele because I seemed to have stalled and I was looking for a way to again show up fully in my genius for my business, myself and my life.

During our session, we uncovered a strong block with the old “I’m not good enough” dynamic that I have fought my entire life.  After our session, I felt a shift.  However, by the time I finished the 21-day transformation custom audio recording designed for my specific blocks, I have experienced amazing shifts in my confidence.  I still find it hard to truly find the words of how wonderful my experience was with Michele and the continued amazing shifts I am having.  For instance, recently there was a family situation with my sisters and I stood strong and confident in my position and I didn’t want to run back and say, “Oh Ok, we’ll do it your way.”  Prior to my session with Michele, I would have simply kept the peace and gone along with their desire regardless of my position.

Since August I find myself taking bolder risks, I have more confidence in where my business is going and I have had such tremendous shifts in all areas of my life allowing me to fully stand in my power as a walk through my life. I love showing up fully for myself, my clients, my friends, and my family.

I would recommend Michele to everyone who feels something just doesn’t seem right and you can’t figure out why. Then get ready for an amazing journey.”

Carrie Beers | CEO | Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H. | Kingstown, RI

“The greatest challenge I was experiencing prior to working with Michele was a lack of self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. This was negatively impacting not just my personal life-but my professional life as well. This was causing me great stress and interfering with my opportunities to grow professionally.

Going through the 30-Day Rapid Rewiring Program completely turned things around for me.

I’m now experiencing high levels of confidence, motivation, and dedication in my job as well as the business I’m currently building. I feel more positive at work and sense greater trust and respect from my co-workers and manager, which I wasn’t experiencing before. I was also just told I am getting a raise, which I wasn’t expecting! All of this in just 30 days! Wow.

Thank you!”

Gabriella P. |Talent Executive & Entrepreneur | San Francisco Bay Area

“I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and low self-confidence my whole life. I was fearful of new experiences and was stuck in a rut. I constantly compared myself to others and always came away feeling less than in some way.

Working with Michele has helped me to quiet the critical voice that has been in my head for as long as I can remember. I feel more confident about myself and I no longer constantly compare myself with others. I find myself doing things I would have been afraid to do before experiencing Michele’s Rapid Rewiring process.

Rapid Transformational Therapy + Coaching works! It has been a completely positive experience for me and I’m not finished yet! I highly recommend it!”

Debbie Necessary | Executive Assistant | Raymond James | Rockledge, FL

“Working with Michele was amazing. She was reflective, thoughtful and dedicated. I feel more connected and clear about my own goals and work in the world. What a gift!

Michele is an expert at RTT, and I am still listening to my meditation.
I love having Michele on my team and as a part of my growth.”
Pleasance Silicki | Founder | | Washington, DC

“During and immediately after our session, I felt like a profound shift had occurred at a cellular level. I felt a deep, quiet confidence that is still with me.

Since our session, I’ve been listening to my custom recording everyday for 21 days, curious to see what other effects it would have.

Yesterday was day 21. Today I woke up with zero digestive upset, and we had our biggest meeting with a prospect so far. It went great and my body was totally on board. The fear responses are GONE. Thank you!!”

Johanna L. | Leadership Coach | San Jose, CA