Have you ever had one of those days where all the perfect things just seem to unfold at your feet?  It’s the most amazing feeling when all the right people, circumstances and ideas come flowing into your life, just when you need them.

The trick of course is how do you stay in this place of flow?

Here are a couple of helpful tips which can applied generously on any given day:

  • Smile – it will cause others to smile back at you and has been known to ripple out in all directions.
  • Keep a positive frame of mind – even when life throws the hard stuff at you, try to find the good in all circumstances.
  • Open your heart and your mind to new ideas, learning and people. You’ll be surprised what shows up when you take the blinders off.
  • Take time to slow down, get quiet and listen to your intuition – it knows a lot more than you give it credit for.
  • Trust your intuition once you start listening to it.

These may seem simple but sometimes can be hard to maintain. But like blogging, 😉  if you keep up with it on a daily basis,  you’re bound to get better and better at it.

Here’s to being in the flow more and more!



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