Michele Molitor has worked with a wide array of business professionals and organizations. See some our client testimonials below or read some of our Client Case Studies.

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Jonathan DeYoe, Principal DeYoe Wealth ManagementJonathan DeYoe Headshot

“I have known Michele for at least 6 years and have gone to her with personal or business focus challenges throughout that time. She has always been able to:

1. Hear the real issue – this is important, because even as a very goal oriented and driven person, I can fool myself into doing something I want to do instead of doing something I need to do.

2. Provide specific, meaningful guidance – for years I had viewed coaching as sort of squishy and practiced normally by folks who tend towards levitation and less towards practical tools and application – Michele proved this belief wrong.

3. Do all she does with a heart – Michele knows where the edges of your comfort zone are and can help you step beyond them with a process that is simple and easy. That being said, I will warn you, as your comfort zone grows, she will keep challenging you.

For me, this has been a blessing.”


Ellen Kim, Owner Ginger Leaf FloralEllen Kim Headshot

“Michele is awesome! I had just launched my floral design business and needed help getting focused on how I should approach my target market. Turns out I needed to take a few steps back and figure out who I really wanted my target market to be. And that involved being clear on my own values, so that I could attract clients who had similar ones. What a novel concept. It’s this kind of holistic approach that I really appreciate about Michele.

She’s also got tons of contacts, and if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she can usually point you in the right direction. She’s kind of a combination of the connector and the maven in Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” – a natural networker and a great resource for information!”


Sean Brennan, California State Communications Director, GEAR UPSean Brennan Headshot

“Michele is an amazing facilitator and collaborator. She is not only a wise and highly organized person but also an inspiring strategist. She is a dedicated and honest facilitator and has the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions. Self-motivated, careful, detail-oriented and a smart team player that cannot be overestimated. She is intelligent, ambitious and customer focused – a natural born leader. Definitely worth recommending.”


Monique August, MSW Executive Director, Choose College Educational Foundation

“Our company contracted with Nectar Consulting to provide professional development training for our diverse staff. With their training, guidance, and insightful activities, our staff enhanced their ability to communicate with each other as well as with a variety of clients. The trainings enhanced the cohesiveness of our team and helped us establish processes and guidelines for working with each other more effectively.

Specifically, Michele’s guidance enabled us to identify and utilize the talents of each member to produce a more efficient work environment. The strategies and activities she utilized especially proved effective and enhanced the development of our least experienced staff members and those that were new to our field. Her professionalism and follow-through was appreciated. We look forward to working with Nectar Consulting in the future.”


Richard Lee, Lee, Lawless and Blyth, Attorneys at LawRichard Lee Headshot

“Michele provides insight for business owners and managerial personnel along with the tools to assist them in setting and reaching their goals and their potential. She is a delight to work with and makes the hard work seem like fun.”


Cynthia Renta, MPA

“Michele is a great personal coach. She incorporates sound and practical solutions, intelligent leadership coaching and diverse spiritual/philosophical approaches that clear even the most daunting professional, personal and spiritual blocks. She has the ability to help you crystallize your vision and get the universe to respond accordingly. I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of working with Michele and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with her to dive right in.”


Carla Detchon, Life Coach, Inner DivaCarla Detchon Headshot

“Michele is a smart, straight-shooter with exceptional problem-solving skills and a well-rounded background. She approaches her work with a unique blend of skill, compassion and a welcome dash of sass. I can’t think of a better person to refresh, rejuvenate and realign your business.”



Jim Aron, Pacific Western Mortgage GroupJim Aron Headshot

“Michele had the uncanny ability to identify my personal blocks when it came to my business. Once identified, she helped me design a strategy to overcome obstacles that were holding me back. Michele was insightful and expert in communicating ideas to which I had resistance. What more could you want from a business coach? And she is a delightful person to boot. I highly recommend her.”



Howard Ronder, Branding, Creative, Marketing Consultant Creative Director, Working Assets/CREDO MobileHoward Ronder Headshot

“Michele has inspired me through an integrated approach of coaching that has provided an enriched understanding of the foundations for my success. This is the kind of success that speaks to my soul, matches the ideal vision of who I really am and what I value, and expresses my unique talents.

Her genuine, personal style has focused me on practical self-discovery, goal clarifying and strategizing concepts and practices. Through providing clarity around obstacles, Michele has helped enable me to be a more powerful creator, resulting in expanded leadership abilities, confidence and effectiveness.”


Naomi Heileman Kamiya, Project Engineer Proactive CMNaomi Heileman Kamiya Headshot

“Michele inspired me with her warm personality and inspirational wisdom to try business coaching at a time when my business was very slow and I could not seem to get it jump started. She provided a combination of valuable direction in personal development, practical information and valuable contacts, to help me refocus and achieve my goals. I highly recommend her services to help you reach your business goals.”



Kathryn Bing-You, Certified Feng Shui Consultant,Jade Tree Feng ShuiKathryn Bing-You Headshot

“Michele excels at helping people set realistic goals, stay focused, and manage their expectations. She also has an uncanny ability to name the limiting beliefs or core issues that hold us back from moving forward. She brings a wealth of ideas and support to every call or meeting. If you’re looking for a coach who has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Michele.”



Connie Hampton, Hampton & AssociatesConnie Hampton Headshot

“Michele helped me focus on what is really important for me to present to my clients and potential clients. She helped me accomplish tasks that I had been avoiding and did so with grace, humor and kindness.”




John Campos, Principal DNI ConsultingJohn Campos Headshot

“Michele has been instrumental in helping our business strategy to become more focused. Her personality and quick thinking are very refreshing and always introduces new ideas to aide our growth and “reality checking”. I highly recommend Michele’s services for SMB’s.”



Shariann Tom, The Cancer JourneyShariann Tom Headshot

“My experience working with Michele has been invigorating and extremely positive. Michele’s insight and viewpoints add depth and breathe to all situations. Her ability to lead groups in discovery and learning is strong and direct. I would gladly partner with Michele again. I also highly recommend her to any company seeking a consummate professional and inspiring personality.”



Thomas Petty, Certified Internet Consultant, WSI Internet Consulting & EducationThomas Petty Headshot

“Michele is a very positive person and brings a great perspective to my marketing efforts. She has been instrumental in helping me to hone my message and makes sure that I have made my marketing messages as effective as possible. Her tele-class was very helpful in getting me to make sure that I listened to myself and what I was telling others about my business. I highly recommend her services to any business who is struggling to attract the right clients. Thanks, Michele!”


Gina Rodriguez, Professional Development Manager California GEAR UP

“Michele from Nectar Consulting is a top-notch professional that makes people feel like they matter. She builds upon strengths and assists in getting to a peak performance. Through her coaching techniques she challenges you to look inward so you gain the courage to remove the barriers that keep you stuck.

This is what makes Michele effective as a Facilitator of school leadership teams as well. She provides a safe environment for full participation. She asks the probing questions to assist teams in clarifying their goals and next steps. I would recommend Michele Molitor to anyone or team looking to make changes that would improve focus, attitude and productivity.”


David Greenberg, Founder and Partner Ensemble CRM, LLCDavid Greenberg Headshot

“It has been my great pleasure to consult with Michele, one of America’s finest business coaches. Michele’s unique insights into human behavior, networking, and the field of the possible make her a great advisor for entrepreneurs like myself. My meetings with her have always spawned positive change in my life, and have reminded me that we are in this together. Michele has raised the bar for what is possible in our world. A recommendation.”


Jason Wong, CEO, Ionami DesignJason Wong Headshot

“Michele’s coaching is transformational. I learned to see situations in a completely new light. Difficulties are opportunities, and possibilities abound! By opening myself, my productivity increased, my outlook is healthier, and most importantly, I’m happier.”


Keith Niemann, Director of Extension Human Resources, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension

“About 18 months ago, we were introduced to Co-Active Coaching by the dynamic team of Michele Molitor, Chris Sansone, and Andy Churgin. This team has since provided three coaching workshops for us at the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Division. These workshops have touched nearly 70 faculty members. They have introduced coaching to us and have effectively demonstrated, through the workshops, the value coaching can have for Cooperative Extension. Many of the attendees are using coaching in the annual performance evaluation of employees. Several more are using the skills they learned from this team in their personal life. This experience caused us to commit to institutionalizing coaching in Cooperative Extension. Coaching will become part of our culture because of the enthusiasm and passion this team exhibited. Cooperative Extension in Nebraska will be indebted to Michele, Chris, and Andy for exposing us to a wonderful life work tool.”


Robyn Fisher, President, RT Fisher Educational Enterprises

“Michele is by far the very best consultant that I have had the pleasure of working with. Really, I have worked with and hired a lot of folks who claim to know what their doing and produce professional work products, who have been so disappointing. Thank you for you consistent professionalism, it is really refreshing and appreciated.”


Bernida Reagan, Vice President of Community Relations, Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services

“I have been working with Michele for a year and a half now, and our work has resulted in very significant changes in my life. Her coaching has helped me with many issues in both my career, and personal and spiritual life. The self-discovery work we do helps me to make decisions every day that result in a healthier, more productive, more rewarding lifestyle. She makes a huge difference in the quality of my life and I am very thankful for the changes she and I have made in me.”


Shariann Tom, Principal, Innerworks Solutions, LLCShariann Tom Headshot

“Michele’s enthusiasm, creativity, vision for possibilities, and desire to serve others is remarkable. Her work as an outstanding coach and workshop leader has increased the capacity for others to show up as leaders and has empowered individuals to see and reach beyond what they had believed possible. Through her personal coaching successes, she has enhanced the quality of Innerworks Solutions and the companies that we serve. We have been very blessed to have Michele affiliated with us and highly recommend her to other organizations who seek her caliber of coaching.”


Alan Baquet, Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

“I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the workshop! One participant said it was the best professional development workshop he had ever attended. Another participant said this should be required of all new employees. It doesn’t get any better than that. I had another participant stop me and comment on how great it was. She indicated that people she has interacted with are already applying the skills and tools they learned! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did.”


Dave Kershaw, Deputy Director, Technological Research and Development Authority”

“Nectar Consulting has provided a number of services to our organization from employee surveys to executive coaching. All their support services have helped to build a strong sense of collegiality and strengthen our team. We’ll use Nectar again.”


Carolyn Miller, Executive Director and Founder, Community Development Institute, Head Start

“My experience with Michele Molitor and Nectar Consulting has been and continues to be truly transformative. Nothing has had as profound or as immediate effect on me or my organization, as my work with Michele. Who I am being personally and with my colleagues is transforming daily.”


Ellen Kloosterman, President, EK ErgonomicsEllen Kloosterman Headshot

“After hiring Michele as my coach all the dreams for the future of my business are becoming real. She functions as an experienced partner who guides me with branding and marketing and supports me with personal obstacles. I have learned to do business effortlessly and with the greatest joy.”



Gretchen Blais, Artist, Being Peace CreationsGretchen Blais Headshot

“Michele Molitor: she asks the questions that get to the heart of things. You can’t stay stagnant with her.”




Chellie Kammermeyer, Reiki Master, Inner CompassChellie Kammermeyer Headshot

“Having Michele as a coach has been a gift & a blessing. I am able to focus on what is important to me and have become a better wife, mother, employee, & woman. Now, having goals, dreams & a vision is more than a “someday when I have time”, it’s a reality. She has had a profound impact on my entire life, helping me to become the ME that I really am. Thank you!”



Becky Hatt, Owner, Haus DesignBecky Hatt Headshot

“Michele has been a wonderful coach for me. I went to her unhappy with my business situation and she enabled me tap into unknown sources of confidence to move away from a poisonous relationship and make it on my own. She also helped me define my vision for the business and turn it into what I really wanted it to be! For my personal life, she taught me better ways to communicate with my husband and daughter, by getting at the heart of a problem rather than just addressing the symptoms. She also helped me come up with creative ways to find time for myself. Michele is incredibly warm and caring, and it comes through in her coaching. I’ve always felt safe to say whatever I needed to say. I would recommend Michele to anyone facing change (or the need for it) in their lives, be it professional, personal or both.”


Cloteal Thrower Herron, M.Ed., Educator, Coach and AuthorCloteal Thrower Herron Headshot

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping me improve my coaching skills during the last several months while I gain my coaching certification. You have provided an invaluable service, inspired and motivated me, as well as help me to accept my strengths and my limits. I’m forever grateful….(I humbly–thank you).”



Richard Hom, Mustard Seed Productions Ambassador, Berkeley Chamber of CommerceRichard Hom Headshot

“Michele Molitor’s insight and business expertise has been an enormous asset to the purpose & goals of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. As a former chairperson of the chamber’s Ambassador’s Committee, I called on Ms. Molitor often to assist in providing information to our new members. In the chamber’s new Building Bridges Luncheon Series, Ms. Molitor provided very useful resources for those starting or interested in improving their business. She continues to be a supportive and contributing member of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.”


Ann Valliant, Owner, Business-Savvy Bookkeeping, Inc.Ann Valliant Headshot

“Michele was extraordinarily perceptive about the obstacles I was putting in my own way and not seeing them. She gave me very practical guidance as I worked my way into expanding my vision and business. As a result of our work together, I tripled the revenue of my bookkeeping services in one year.”



Pierre Sene, Controller, Bay Heritage WindowsPierre Sene Headshot

“Michele has a very holistic approach to business coaching and consulting. She is very driven to help people reveal, define and refine “purpose” during the coaching process.

The first sentence of the foreword of “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss reads as following:
…”On rare occasions, you may meet a unique person who dramatically alters your perception of the world and yourself.”

I am thankful for all the eye-opening personal and professional development material that you constantly expose me to. I am grateful for you having crossed my path and challenging me to dig deeper, uncovering the hidden ME. Thank you! Thank You! thank You!”


Pamela Feldman

“Aha, you made me do it! Thanks, this marketing piece would not have gotten done today if not for you.

Thanks, Michele, your coaching, encouragement and accountability has been the best money I have spent in marketing for my business.”


Holly Gayman, CPM, Project Manager

“Well, as always, talking to you has moved me forward – just wanted you to know that. Thanks for your positive additions to my life.”


Terry M. Leake, Owner, V2K Window Décor and MoreTerry Leake Headshot

“I worked with Michele when I began my new window covering business. Her coaching gave me some impressive tools to create a marketing plan, create marketing materials (which I still use) and look at marketing as a fun activity, rather than a drag. Thanks for changing my prospective on marketing!”