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Nectar Consulting offers services to help business owners, executives and their teams be their best. Learn more about how Executive Coaching can improve your bottom line results.


You know that success brings its own challenges. The more responsibility you have, the more complex your job and life become. At Nectar Consulting, we help you find your path through the daily distractions that can obscure your progress and knock you off track.

We bring clarity to your business, by helping you better understand where your business is currently, and where you want to take it. We help you develop strategies to work smarter and more efficiently, implementing your short- and long-term plans for success.

Nectar Consulting’s coaching services are unmatched. Coaching is a powerful tool that helps executives align their goals and values. Coaching empowers executives to make solid decisions that help them achieve those redefined goals. Professionally, this translates into clarity of vision, sound decision-making, and more effective leadership. Personally, this translates into greater satisfaction and balance.

Deeper than training and more extensive than mentoring, a professional coaching partnership fosters lifelong learning with both personal and professional benefits. By working with Michele Molitor, you’ll find the clarity you need to cut through the clutter, focus on what’s important, and get moving on your path to success.

“Someday” Starts Now. Unlock the Power of You.